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How you can appeal when your post is removed

Facebook outlined on Tuesday its proposed rules for how users will be able to contest the company’s decisions to remove their posts, photos or videos through appeals to an oversight board.

The oversight board, Facebook’s version of a “Supreme Court,” is being set up to hear final appeals to manage controversies stemming from how the social media giant moderates the content of billions of users around the world.

Starting this summer, Facebook expects this handpicked group of people from outside the company to determine whether highly controversial posts violate the company’s rules.

The move to allow Facebook users to ask an independent body to review the removal of their content is designed to deflect some of the sharp criticism of the company’s judgment calls on what constitutes free speech or harmful speech.

The oversight board, which will eventually have about 40 members, will have the power to overturn Facebook’s content moderation decisions and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

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