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Snapchat flips switch on Bitmoji TV series staring your animated self

In case you haven’t noticed, Bitmojis have evolved. 

They used to be Bitstrips, or user-generated stickers meant to be shared on Facebook. Then they became more like emoji, the little animated characters within your keyboard to be used when words alone just aren’t enough.

Now, the Bitmoji cartoons in your likeness are entering new territory, starring in a 10-part customizable series in a bid to bring back Saturday morning cartoons.

Snapchat launched Bitmoji TV on Thursday, marking a new addition to the platform’s ever-expanding Discovery menu. The series, which was developed in-house, further differentiates the teen-focused app from other social networking platforms like TikTok.

“Bitmoji has been turning everyone in the world into cartoon characters for a few years now. We’ve put you into stickers, video games, and comic strips,” said Jacob “Ba” Blackstock, the CEO and creative director of Bitmoji. “Everything has been leading up to this show.”

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