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GM warns 2019 pickup owners of driving risks due to brake issues

General Motors is contacting about 900 customers who’ve complained of brake failure in their pickups to come in for an immediate fix.

The automaker also is warning about 160,000 owners of 2019 GMC or Chevrolet light-duty pickups to not drive the vehicles if “Service Brake Assist” or “Service ECS” warnings illuminate on the instrument panel.

That’s because the power brakes could fail, requiring hard manual braking or holding the emergency brake to stop the vehicle.

“If you have all these telltales when you start up the vehicle, indicating brake issues, don’t drive your vehicle,” said Dan Flores, a GM spokesman. “Call your dealer.”

Nearly 1,700 GM pickup owners have complained since mid-December that their power brakes did not work after they had a recall done and then used the OnStar app to start their vehicles. GM said 162,000 owners in total had that initial recall done.

Pickup owners have told the USA TODAY Network’s Detroit Free Press they were terrified when the power brakes went out, in some cases saying they narrowly escaped a crash. GM has said it knows of no one injured or worse because of the problem.

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