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GM engineer’s secret project for newest SUVs finally unveiled

In February 2017, General Motors engineering department bosses called a hush-hush meeting with select engineers.

One of the design engineers at the meeting was Alex Archer, then 24 and  two years out of college. She had no idea what the meeting was about or that it would springboard her career. 

“They told us to please come up with this invention because we want to incorporate it in our next big SUVs,” said Archer.

The invention was a power-sliding center console. It’s the first storage console to be motorized. It can form different configurations, has a hidden compartment, extra storage and can convert to an armrest.

At the meeting, the bosses tagged Archer, a newbie, to give it life in under 36 months.

“Everyone knew that the way to break through something new at GM, you have to break the process,” said Archer, a rookie who found creative ways to get it done. 

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