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FTC warns loan comparison site sold rankings to highest bidders

If you never heard of LendEDU, you very likely might have spotted one of their many, many quirky surveys. 

Take a recent one: Reportedly 62% of student loan borrowers actually would give up their right to vote in the 2020 presidential election if it meant their student loan debt was completely forgiven. 

Really? Are we driven totally these days by self interest, greed and a bottom-line approach of how much is in it for me? Well, maybe more than might be evident to the naked eye. 

LendEDU – which often uses online surveys of 1,000 adults – clearly had a gimmick to get its name out there in order to tout, among other products, ways to refinance student loans. The more you researched lending products at the site, the more they made money. 

And, according to consumer watchdogs, LendEDU played a little loose at more than a few stops along the way. 

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