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Student loan forgiveness, other aid on chopping block

In Donald Trump’s latest budget, aid for lower-income students and a program that offers relief to workers in public service are on the chopping block.

The $4.89 trillion plan, presented to Congress on Monday, would cut the Education Department’s budget by $5.6 billion, eking out savings by ending some grants, freezing the maximum amount of others and shifting some payments from the government to borrowers.

A couple of proposals could help those struggling to repay their loans.  

The spending plan was criticized by Democrats who control the House and has little chance of going into effect when the new fiscal year starts in October.

“Most of these changes we have seen the Trump administration propose over the last four years,” says Antoinette Flores, director of post-secondary education for the Center for American Progress. “But we’ve also seen … both the House and the Senate overwhelmingly reject these ideas. So the reality of this actually happening is slim.”

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