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Ally Bank’s Buckets help us set aside money more successfully

Just as we fill up on empty calories throughout the day, we load our shopping carts full of useless junk. Some days, to be sure, we do better than others. 

But what if a savings tool could keep our head in the game — and our money in our bank accounts — just a bit longer?

The overall theory: If you can see it, you can save for it. 

Ally Bank, for example, is introducing a savings tool called “buckets” for customers to set aside money in one account for different goals, such as saving money to buy an engagement ring or take a trip in the summer.

The Ally tool uses pictures and names buckets for specific savings goals to reinforce positive behaviors by showing the pleasure money can bring in the future.

Can mindless saving replace mindless spending? 

Savings tools are the new thing being pitched by all sorts of banks, including Ally, Chase and Huntington Bank.

The idea is to give savers more motivation and a picture of where they stand when it comes to having enough money to make things happen. 

“It’s not about saving money. It’s about ‘Susie’s education fund’ or ‘Going to visit Mom this year.’ And it starts to really draw on that emotion,” said Emily Shallal, senior director of consumer strategy and innovation for Ally Bank. 

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