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Why gratuities may be going out of style

Tipping has reached a tipping point. Many travelers say they’re tired of shelling out gratuities to everyone they meet – hotel concierges, luggage porters, tour guides and, of course, restaurant servers. 

Enough is enough. They do not tip anymore.

The changes are happening slowly. Travelers say the ever-present tip jars and outstretched hands leave them confused and frustrated. Gradually, consumers are easing up on gratuities – and businesses are moving away from compensating staff with tips.

Never-tippers might be thought of as rude, but one thing is clear: They are the future. Tipping may be on the way out.

Why travelers do not tip anymore

“I am beginning to wonder if tipping is right,” says Barbara Howell, a frequent air traveler and registered nurse from Carpinteria, California. She says travelers should tip when they receive outstanding service, not to subsidize the salaries of service employees.

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