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Black News Channel not available on Comcast Xfinity in key markets

For Comcast Xfinity customers in Tallahassee and in key markets around the country, the debut of the Black News Channel is heading into a six-day delay. Or longer.

The 24-hour international cable news network launched at 6 a.m. Monday from its headquarters in Tallahassee, but technical issues limited its reach to customers of Charter Spectrum cable, which serves markets nationally, and Orlando and Tampa-St. Petersburgh viewers in Florida.

“We’re still working with Comcast to work out their technical issues,” Bob Brillante, co-owner and CEO of BNC told the Tallahassee Democrat Friday afternoon. “We do know they are working as fast as they can to get it resolved.

“We just don’t know when this going to be completed,” he added. “We have reason to believe that it will be relatively soon.”

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Brillante said BNC can send its signal to Comcast, but Comcast is not able to get it distributed through its system to markets around the country: “It’s technical issues on Comcast and we don’t have control over that.” 

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