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Toddler’s reaction to boy in wheelchair goes viral

PHOENIX – A shopping trip to Target in Peoria, Arizona, a couple weeks ago was fairly routine for Oliver Garza-Pena, who is nearly 2 years old, and his mom. 

But when the pair entered the boy’s clothing department, something unexpected happened. 

Oliver whipped his wheelchair around to stare in awe at an ad above a clothing rack. In it was a boy like him: smiling while sitting in a wheelchair.

“He couldn’t stop looking at it,” Oliver’s mom, Demi Garza-Pena, told The Arizona Republic, part of the USA TODAY Network, via Facebook. 

“I could immediately see that he knew he had just seen a boy like himself. Something he has never seen before,” she said of the ad. 

So Garza-Pena did what mom’s do. She snapped a photo of the moment and shared it on Facebook. She has a page for Oliver called “Ollie’s World.”

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