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Peeps unveils 5 new flavors for Easter plus mini-size Peeps

Peeps is introducing new forms and flavors of its beloved marshmallow treats for Easter season. 

The most popular non-chocolate Easter candy announced Wednesday its latest collection of treats and varieties. Peep lovers can choose from five new flavors: Froot Loops, Hot Tamales Fierce Cinnamon, Raspberry Dipped in Crème Fudge, Root Beer Float and Chocolate Pudding bunnies.

Peeps also unveiled two new treats, along with its five new flavors: Peeps-flavored jelly beans and individually wrapped mini-Peeps, perfect for Easter egg hunt. 

“The Peeps Brand has become an icon in American pop culture, with its instantly recognizable colors, shapes and flavors holding a special place in the hearts of many for nearly seven decades,” said Caitlin Servian, brand manager for Peeps, in a statement. “We strive to meet the perfect balance of history and innovation by continuing to offer our classic Peeps Chicks and Bunnies, while also bringing new and exciting products to our fans.”

Peeps unveils seven new treats just in time for Easter.

And for those looking for more than just candy, Peeps is bringing back its Kellogg’s cereal and International Delight coffee creamer. Peeps-flavored of course. 

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