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Share of homeowners who are single hits record despite costs

Doug Sanders, 26, of Lima, Ohio, always figured he would buy a house after getting married one day.

“I thought it would take two incomes,” he says.

After graduating from college, he lived at home with his parents and got a sales job that left no time for vacations or going out with friends, allowing him to sock away much of his paycheck. A year ago, he landed a job as a sales representative for a top beermaker that came with a roughly 30% raise.

When his savings grew to $20,000, he started thinking big.

“I realized I had enough to put down on a house,” he says. “I would much rather buy than rent.”

Last October, Sanders, who is single, purchased a three-bedroom ranch house for $120,000 in the small, affordable city between Dayton and Toledo, putting down 20% with a little help from his parents. “They say there are three big decisions in life – who you marry, buying a house and career choice,” Sanders says. “Having one of those knocked out early … it definitely feels good.”

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