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Get a call claiming you were refunded too much money? It may be a scam

A man in Troy, Michigan, got a phone call from someone who called himself Alex Wade. 

Wade, who said he worked at Amazon, claimed that a drastic mistake took place in which too much money had been refunded from a purchase and deposited into the man’s bank account.

The man needed to pay back the money or he’d be in big trouble. Wade suggested that the man buy eBay gift cards at a variety of stores, including Walmart, CVS Pharmacy and 7-Eleven. 

Was there really a big problem? The caller convinced the man that he needed to rush out to fix things right away. 

“The victim never called his bank account to confirm this,” said  Sgt.  Meghan Lehman, a police department public information officer in Troy. 

The 69-year-old man put $1,300 on the eBay gift cards. He spent more money after facing more pressure tactics. The man lost $6,000 before realizing he had been scammed.

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