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How tech giant avoided full OSHA safety inspection

For more than two months last year, Tesla barred Nevada workplace safety officers from conducting a comprehensive inspection of the manufacturing operations at the Gigafactory outside of Reno, even denying entry when inspectors showed up with a sheriff’s deputy and a warrant signed by a judge.

The standoff began in March when inspectors with Nevada’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration tried to follow up on an investigation into equipment that had severely injured two women, one of whom had the tip of her finger sliced off.

After two months of fending off inspectors, Tesla resorted to pulling political strings to bring an end to the standoff, successfully thwarting a complete inspection of the factory.

One day after rejecting inspectors with a warrant, Tesla called one of Gov. Steve Sisolak’s cabinet members and relied on Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford to broker a meeting to negotiate how much access inspectors should have to the massive factory outside of Reno.

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