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GM unveils 10 future electric vehicles as part of plan to beat Tesla

General Motors wants to do better at telling the story of its electric vehicle development.

So GM leaders invited about 150 journalists to an “EV day” Wednesday, showing 11 future EVs in its Design Dome at the Warren Technical Center. GM did not allow any photographs of the vehicles or provide any to the media.

The upcoming GMC Hummer pickup hulked in one corner of the dome and the Cadillac Lyriq, a futuristic SUV, was shown across the aisle. 

“We want to put everyone in an EV and we have what it takes to do it,” GM CEO Mary Barra said. 

What it takes is technology that GM said it’s inventing to dominate other electric car companies such as Tesla.

For example, GM said it has developed new battery modules, called Ultium, that will reduce the cost to make the batteries and help consumers afford EVs. GM has devised a flexible global platform, too, that allows it to make a variety of powerful EVs to meet all customer needs. They will have better charging time and give more vehicle range than current EVs do.

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