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How to work from home amid coronavirus: Best telecommuting tech tools

The coronavirus is making us consider different scenarios. What if I need to work from home? What’s the best way to make sure our products and services still reach our customers? How can I stop traveling to visit clients? What will the kids do to keep up their grades should a breakout happen at their school?

What everyone also wants to know about the coronavirus is this: How many people, countries and cities have it and how fast is it spreading? For straight facts, beyond USA TODAY’s continuing coverage, you can visit Johns Hopkins University’s free, interactive online global map. Tap or click here to see the current number of cases of the virus, where they are located, and the status of those infected.

If there is a silver lining, existing tech tools make it possible for many aspects of our daily lives to go on despite the crisis. Let’s look at your business life and then the kids at home.

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