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Small businesses reel as sales plummet

SEATTLE—The fish are still flying at the Pike Place Market, and, though workers say things seem a little slower than usual, this famous tourist hotspot remains in full operation despite government warnings about the coronavirus. 

While workers gossiped about the lack of traffic on their morning commute, tourists wandered the narrow streets around the market, snapping selfies with buskers and the spreading displays of butter-yellow daffodils.

“We are concerned, but not enough to not come down and play,” said Dan Schindler, a ukelele player busking with his friend as the duo Bob and Weaver. “The urge to play it too strong.”

Pike Place Fish Market owner Sam Samson, 54, also downplayed the economic ripples of the coronavirus outbreak. Every one of his workers was on the job Thursday, selling crab legs, lobster tails and whole wild-caught Alaska salmon. They were also throwing two-foot-long salmon to each other, a display that still drew large crowds on Thursday morning.

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