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Automakers, repair shops brace for impact

If you’ve been delaying that car repair, Jenni Newman has some advice: Don’t wait to take your car to the shop.

Newman, editor-in-chief of, is among a growing chorus of auto industry watchers and insiders who say they expect the coronavirus outbreak to affect the availability of parts needed for repairs. China, where the outbreak has been most intense, is behind only Mexico and Canada in the amount of imported auto parts sent to the United States, according to the Center for Automotive Research.

And as COVID-19 shows up in even more places, the effects will be felt in other ways, too.

“If you were thinking about doing a repair to your car, and I know for some people they may be delaying, perhaps it’s time to move that to the top of your list,” Newman said. “Better to get moving on this and get your car repaired rather than cross your fingers and hope everything turns out OK.”

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