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Bill Gates to fund coronavirus home-testing kits in Wash., says report

A project funded by billionaire Bill Gates is reportedly set to issue at-home testing kits for people who fear they have been infected with the coronavirus.

Just days after the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced a second round of investment to help detect and treat coronavirus, The Seattle Times reports that a project backed by the couple will be delivered to people in the Seattle area in the coming weeks.

Participants in the study will self administer a nose-swab and send the sample to health officials for testing. Medical experts will then notify those who test positive for the respiratory illness that has killed at least 3,000 people globally and sickened thousands of others, the report said.

There is currently no vaccine available to prevent or cure coronavirus, according to the CDC.

People who test positive will also have access to an online form to answer questions about where they’ve been and who they’ve made contact with. The data collected will help officials track down those who may need to be tested or quarantined, according to the report. 

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