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How to protect yourself when eating out at restaurants

Not on the menu for many these days: Dining out. 

As our fears of catching the coronavirus grow by the day, so has our hesitation to venture out of the house, especially now that COVID-19 has been officially classified as a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

A party of one, two or four around the kitchen or dining room table is sounding a lot better to many people than communal meals in restaurants. “I’ll have what they’re having” is starting to take on an ominous meaning. 

One-third of Americans say they plan to stick closer to home and dine at restaurants less frequently, according to restaurant industry research group Technomic. 

Until a week ago, John Sanger, 40, a software developer and military veteran living in Orlando, Florida, went out to eat almost daily. Now, he’s working from home and he’s stopped going to restaurants or ordering in food, opting instead for prepared meals. He shops for groceries at Walmart in the wee hours to avoid crowds.

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