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Co-working spaces and libraries alternatives to telecommuting

WESTCHESTER, N.Y. – With more than a dozen schools closed in Westchester and Rockland due to coronavirus, parents are finding themselves working from home; still others are scrambling to find a place to work as companies have closed their doors and encourage teleworking.

Not all remote situations are conducive to working, however. 

Right now, co-working places and libraries can be an alternative.

Terry Kirchner, executive director of the Westchester Library System, made up of 38 public libraries, said all public libraries, except the one in the containment area in New Rochelle, are currently open.

“I think one of the challenges for everyone is really balancing personal health with the need to be productive in terms of the work that they need to do,” said Kirchner.

While the attendance for library programs has been down, the number of people looking for quiet space to get work done has been up, Kirchner said.

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