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Report finds these jobs are surging because of pandemic

With premier conferences and major sporting events being canceled in the age of coronavirus, companies are losing money in the consumer-facing service industry and weighing layoffs in weeks and months ahead.

At the same time, job postings online are rising rapidly for workers with skills in healthcare, community response, crisis management and cleaning, studies suggest. 

The employment services website Glassdoor published findings this week that shed light on some of the types of jobs spiking during what has become a pandemic. 

Over the past week, the number of coronavirus-related roles being filled has tripled, Glassdoor said. Between Feb. 29 and March 6, these types of job postings increased from 100 to 300. Most of the listings are in states that have several cases of the spreading respiratory illness such as California, Washington and New York. 

“Georgia and Maryland are also on the list due to their proximity to major hubs of outbreak response with the (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) based in Georgia and the (National Institute of Health) in Maryland,” Glassdoor notes. 

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