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Here’s how major grocery stores in SC are responding

Kolby Carignan thought he was being proactive by getting a head start on his weekend grocery trip Friday morning. He headed to the Greenville, South Carolina, Costco 30 minutes before the store opened.

However, “It definitely wasn’t a normal Friday at Costco,” Carignan told the Greenville News Friday afternoon.

 A line – almost the length of the store – had formed. Shoppers clutched their carts, waiting for the doors to open.

And once the store opened, people made a beeline for the toiletries section. A huge single-file line formed, and shoppers could barely move, Carignan said. 

Customers at grocery chain HEB in Austin, Texas shop for products on March 13,, 2020 as the city responds to concerns of the spread of the new coronavirus and COVID-19.

“People bumping carts into each other, people snarling at each other because somebody else got to the toilet paper, or the water, or the freaking paper towels before them,” Carignan said in a video to his social media followers after finishing his shopping.

Though Carignan said he didn’t see anyone physically assault anyone, he did see two women “passive-aggressively” argue over the last packs of toilet paper.

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