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webcam doctors will see you. Thanks Dr. Phil

Telemedicine finally came of age this week. 

As Disneyland said it would close, Broadway went dark, so many conferences were canceled (E3, Apple’s WWDC, NAB and others) and Tom Hanks announced he had tested positive for the coronavirus, many people had the same questions. 

Am I infected too? How do I find out? 

At a press conference Friday, President Donald Trump urged people to turn to telemedicine, which I did as well this week after developing a mild sore throat. 

Because, as I discovered, despite the many claims of testing becoming more widespread, the cold reality is that, as of today, the local doctor office is unlikely to see you. I was directed to get my questions answered by the Los Angeles County of Health, where the recording told me there were 30 people ahead of me on hold.  

But the telemedicine folks are more than happy to take a look, via webcam, and figure out if you’re actually at risk or not. 

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