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GM, Ford, Fiat Chrysler plants to partially shut down due to COVID-19

The Detroit Three automakers and the United Auto Workers union agreed to new measures late Tuesday to protect factory workers from coronavirus, the union said.

The automakers will find ways to improve social distancing between workers at its factories andagreed to review and implement a rotating partial shutdown of facilities.

That basically means curbing production. Each company will announce its own plans, but one way would be to reduce three shifts to two, which would allow more time to clean and offer less contact between workers.

“The health and safety of our workforce is our top priority,” said Ford Motor Co. spokeswoman Kelli Felker. “We’re working closely with the UAW and are aiming to announce details in the next 24 hours.”

General Motors spokesman Jim Cain said the details aren’t worked out, but, “You can expect each automaker will develop an approach that fits their unique situation and works to the same end, which is worker health and safety.” 

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