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What we know and don’t

The Senate approved (90-8) a multibillion-dollar emergency aid package Wednesday that will provide paid family and sick leave for many Americans during the coronavirus pandemic. The bill is now off to President Donald Trump, who is expected to sign it. 

Additionally, the Treasury Department unveiled to lawmakers a plan for $250 billion in direct payments to Americans starting April 6. A lot of the details of this proposal are still up in the air, but it already has support from the administration. 

Here’s what we know – and don’t. Keep in mind that all details stem from a proposal and are subject to change. We will update, as needed.

Who is issuing the money?

The proposal was put together by the Treasury Department and pitched to Congress by Secretary Steve Mnuchin. In the proposal reviewed by ABC News, the third wave of appropriations by Congress would ostensibly include two $250 billion rounds of direct payments to individual taxpayers.

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