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8 ways to stop spread of COVID-19 misinformation

The alarming messages ping our laptops and phones and parachute into our social media feeds, text messages and private chat groups.

Be prepared for a national quarantine. Martial law is coming.

The coronavirus was cooked up in a bioweapons lab by the CIA, or the pharmaceutical industry, or was funded by the the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to boost vaccine sales.

Sip water every 15 minutes, gargle with ethanol or eat raw garlic to ward off infection.

None of it is true but, as public fear and uncertainty grow with the rise in deaths and confirmed cases across the U.S., we are becoming increasingly susceptible to these wildly false and sometimes hazardous claims that tap into our urgent need for the latest information about how to protect ourselves and our families.

COVID-19 misinformation:Facebook combats misinformation with facts from health experts at top of news feeds

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