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Coronavirus symptom concerns? Ask Siri to assess your condition

Now your iPhone or other Apple device can help you determine if you have symptoms associated with the coronavirus.

You can simply ask Siri about symptoms of the coronavirus – “Siri, what are the symptoms of the coronavirus?” – and the digital voice assistant will take you through a list of questions to assess your risks in the update, as first reported by CNBC

The assistant will ask you whether you certain symptoms such as fever, dry cough or trouble breathing and if you have been in contact with someone who might have contracted the virus.

Even if Siri assesses that you are at lower risk, the assistant will offer some advice on hand washing and social distancing. Answers come from the U.S. Public Health Service and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Apple recently updated its iOS so that Siri will answer your questions about whether or not you may have the coronavirus.

People began posting on Twitter about finding the update on Saturday. 

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