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Detroit Wing Co. sees sales increase in the wake of COVID-19 upheaval

DETROIT – If there are any restaurants doing well in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak that’s shut down dining rooms across the state, they were likely already doing a brisk carryout and delivery business before the virus upended American life and Americans’ dining habits with it.

One such example is the Detroit Wing Co., a 5-year-old independently owned chain of wing shops now boasting seven locations around Michigan.

While most of his fellow restaurant operators were shutting down indefinitely or switching to skeleton crewed takeout operations – laying off all or most of their staff  – for DWC founder Gus Malliaras and his 120 employees, it was mostly business as usual. 

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Wings are a hot carryout commodity at Detroit Wing Co.'s seven Michigan locations.

If anything, business has improved recently, bucking the trend of doom and gloom sweeping across the rest of the industry.

“Early last week when things really started to get serious, I kept looking toward the weekend, thinking it would take a few days to set in, and the first weekend would show us what to expect for the next few months,” Malliaras said Wednesday. “And it was a normal weekend. And day to day, it’s just been really good days. If you look at the last seven days specifically, across the board we’re actually up 2 to 14%. Everyone has had the random slow day here and there but for the most part our sales have been up.”

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