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Beware tweets offering to sell masks

Beware offers of masks and toilet paper for sale on Twitter. 

One poorly written offer links to a bare-bones site that probably isn’t really selling anything. 

Twitter was abuzz Tuesday with many people claiming their accounts were hacked with this seemingly fake, “Wearing mask make you away from COVID-19” tweet. It featured a photo of a model in a mask and a link to the Masks2U website. Most of the public tweets were from people with a handful of followers and looked to be the work of bots. 

Todd Feathers, a New York-based technology journalist, says his account was hacked with the face masks offer Tuesday, with direct messages sent to his 1,700 followers. “It’s not the way I wanted to start the workday,” he says.

He started hearing from dozens of people that they had received a DM from him offering masks for sale. In response, he reported it to Twitter and changed the password to his account. His account is now back to normal, he says. 

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