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Fate of small businesses rests on coronavirus economic stimulus bill

Congress will decide whether your small business lives or dies. That’s not an exaggeration. What Congress does now, in the stimulus bill agreed on by the Senate and White House (but not yet passed by the House) to combat the coronavirus outbreak, determines whether millions of small businesses, including yours, will outlast this crisis.   

Tuesday night, Senate Republicans and Democrats finally agreed on a massive stimulus bill—by far the largest financial bailout in American history, totaling $2 trillion dollars in aid. The financial aid includes a number of provisions that will help you and your small business—and if you are self-employed, financial assistance for you as well.

As of this writing, it appears that this bill does not provide GRANTS for small business, which were included in a bill being considered by the House of Representatives. However, this will not be the last stimulus bill passed, and if loans aren’t the lifeline for your small business, you need to raise your voice and contact your representative and senator right away, both at their office and through their social media channels.

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