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10 ways to trim your grocery bill

As owner and creator of a frugal-living website, Jenny Martin knows a few things about saving money at the grocery store. 

With the help of coupons, shopping apps and sale items—not to mention motivational words from grocery checkout workers — she trims her family’s grocery bill by hundreds of dollars each month.

A disciplined, proactive approach to shopping at your favorite grocery store can help you “save 40% or 50% of what you were spending,” says Martin, owner and writer of and a stay-at-home mom to five girls.

With many household budgets tight and bills like the rent, car payments and mobile phone bills fixed, finding ways to free up cash is important.

Dialing back the family grocery bill is a good place to start. 

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Food shopping isn’t cheap. A family of four with two kids younger than five spend an average of $897 a month on groceries, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. And if the kids are between 6 and 11, the bill balloons to $1,071. So do the math: If you can save 40% to 50%, you can free up roughly $350 to more than $500 a month by shopping smart.

Here are 10 tips on how to clip your grocery bill:

View coupons as cash

Clipping coupons seems so 20th Century. But clipping a 75-cents-off coupon for a box of cereal from a grocery circular, or getting $1 off a package of granola bars via a store app or printing out a 50-cents coupon for a gallon of milk from a “coupon database” is akin to getting a matching contribution for your 401(k) from your employer. Just those three items can save you $2.25. Taking advantage of offers to double the value of the coupons will lower your bill further.

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