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grocery stores have heightened risks for COVID-19

There’s so much to touch and grab at the grocery store – shopping carts, freezer door handles, cardboard boxes and plastic packaging.

Such surfaces are almost unavoidable for shoppers. But they also carry a certain amount of risk in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, adding urgency to a troubling question: Have pharmacies and supermarkets become super-spreading virus vectors?

These businesses are among the few places left where people are allowed to gather, and they often get so many shoppers these days that their shelves are being picked clean.

Meanwhile, Trader Joe’s is keeping shoppers up to date about store openings and closings after employees in New York, New Jersey and Maryland tested positive for COVID-19 or showed related symptoms. In northern California, a FoodMaxx store said it closed this week “for cleaning and sanitizing” after a worker tested positive for the disease and died, though the store said he hadn’t been in the store since March 6. 

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