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Coronavirus health hazards at heart of planned Instacart worker strike

Workers who shop to fill and deliver orders for online grocery service Instacart plan a nationwide strike for Monday over inadequate safety measures and hazard pay during the coronavirus crisis.

More than 150,000 Instacart drivers and shoppers plan to walk off the job Monday until the company meets certain demands including an extra $5 per order in hazard pay, expanded pay for workers impacted by COVID-19, and the provision of safety supplies including disinfectant wipes.

“Instacart has refused to act proactively in the interests of its Shoppers, customers, and public health, so we are forced to take matters into our own hands,” wrote Instacart Shoppers and Gig Workers Collective in a post on Medium Friday. “We will not continue to work under these conditions.”

The workers planned strike was first reported by Vice.

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