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Working from home has couples learning a lot about habits

Like many professional couples living through the coronavirus pandemic, Ronald Sayers and partner Janell Verdream have had to make adjustments to life working from home.

The couple, who live in New Albany, Ohio, bought TV trays to serve as desks. If either has a conference call, he or she retreats to their bedroom for privacy. When they need to get projects done, they plug in headphones and grind away.

Sayers and Verdream – like many couples nationwide – are discovering some hilarious, interesting quirks about how they work, as well as their spouses. 

“Apparently, I say ‘actually’ a lot when I’m in work mode,” said Sayers, who works for the state’s high school athletic association. Another habit Sayers discovered? Singing songs from TV ads while on his computer. “One specifically is the Liberty Mutual theme,” he said.

Sayers said he notices Verdream, an academic librarian, “kind of yells” when monitoring a chat students use to ask about resources. “Nothing of substance – literally just a burst of noise before she responds,” he said.

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