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Celebrate World Backup Day and easily save photos

Tuesday is World Backup Day, a made-up holiday that encourages the the sale of more products like hard drives and USB thumb drives. 

That said, when’s the last time you actually backed up your phone? Or computer? All of those precious photos sitting on the phone and not backed up could end up as distant memories if you lost the device or had it stolen.

And having your pictures posted on Facebook doesn’t count as a backup. The social network greatly lowers the resolution after you’ve uploaded it, making it unsuitable as a second copy. 

We’re all at home now. Why not take a few minutes this weekend to back up our media.

You have several options, and it’s not just by buying a new hard drive. There are online tools: Your Amazon Prime subscription will backup your photos for you and add-on devices for the iPhone that are a lot cheaper than a yearly iCloud subscription. 

Let us count the ways. 

First off, figure out what you need to back up. For most people, it’s photos and videos, followed by documents. So if you begin with the computer, take a look at what’s on your hard drive. 

Most will have specific folders with the appropriate categories: documents, music, movies, pictures and the like. If your data falls outside of those areas, make note of where they are, so you can grab them and back them up. 

Phone users will want to grab photos, texts and e-mails. 

Apple offers two ways to back up phones. You can either pay for iCloud storage (more on that below) or connect the phone to your computer in Settings. You’ll need room on your computer hard drive to complete this process as well. 

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