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WHO’s prescription for solace during coronavirus pandemic

Video games are being prescribed as a recommended treatment for our ongoing homebound existence, brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

Game makers on Saturday began kicking off a new World Health Organization (WHO) initiative entitled #PlayApartTogether to encourage people on how to entertain themselves and also practice physical distancing.

The initiative is particularly noteworthy because WHO previously designated video game addiction as an official mental health disorder.

Video games can be not only a good diversion, but also a way to connect socially with friends and family while at home. Many games played on computers game consoles, such as the the Microsoft Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4, have games you can play with others in the home or via online connections. And many games played on smartphones and tablets are social pursuits, too.

U.S. game companies supporting the WHO initiative see their products as a way for people to better make it through ongoing stay-at-home directives across the nation.

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