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When are my state taxes due?

Uncle Sam is offering tax payers some relief by delaying the federal tax deadline to this summer, but you still need to double check when your state taxes are due.

The federal income tax filing deadline has been pushed to July 15 from April 15 to give Americans more breathing room in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. More states are starting to push back their filing dates as well following massive layoffs and business closures. But some states still might require tax payers to file by different dates. 

Here’s which states have and haven’t pushed back state tax deadlines:

Taxes 2020:April 15 federal tax filing deadline extended to July 15

How long should I keep my tax returns?:Answer: It depends

Tax season documents.


The Alabama Department of Revenue announced that the due date for individual tax filings is the same date as the corresponding federal income tax return on July 15.


Alaska does not have an income tax.


The Arizona Department of Revenue announced it moved the deadline for filing and paying state income taxes to July 15, following direction by Gov. Doug Ducey.


Gov. Asa Hutchinson extended the filing deadline for individual income taxes to July 15.

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