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How Ford, hairstylists, doctors design coronavirus face shields

Sometimes miracles happen because every little thing goes right. And people involved are smart and creative and fearless.

This is the story of a hairstylist, a team of automotive prototype designers and a massive global company that in just a few days went from creating high-tech cars guided by artificial intelligence with the use of robots to old-fashioned built-by-hand assembly the way things were done back in the 1900s. 

It sounds like a Hollywood movie script.

It was, in fact, real life in Detroit in the time of the novel coronavirus.

Ford Motor executives issued a call to action March 19, after receiving an alert from the Mayo Clinic. Ford immediately assembled a task force to address the personal protective equipment shortage. 

Within hours, the automaker decided to pivot from building cars to manufacturing medical devices, setting into motion the first steps that would generate tens of thousands of protective face shields for doctors, nurses and first responders during the rapidly spreading pandemic that causes respiratory crisis.

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