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In case you haven’t looked at your calendar, we feel obliged to inform you that it’s a leap year! That’s right, we get one whole extra day in 2020 to do whatever we want with—and it falls on a Saturday.

To celebrate, we compiled a list of 29 products that we deem splurge-worthy. You don’t need them, but if you’re looking to treat yourself to something extra special on the extra day of the year, look no further.

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1. A hand-crafted coffee maker for the perfect brew every time

The Technivorm Moccamaster—a $300 drip coffee maker that’s handmade in the Netherlands—may be the truest form of a luxury purchase. But Dave Kender, Reviewed’s editor in chief, thinks its performance more than justifies its cost, especially because it’s the same price he paid collectively for his previous four coffee makers that each broke after a year or two. This recommendation isn’t based off of pure anecdotal evidence: The Moccamaster was also our highest performing drip coffee maker in our tests.

“As the smoke was still curling in the air from the final piece of junk, I vowed to find a coffee maker that wouldn’t disappoint,” he says. “With a five-year warranty and copper heating elements that heat the water to precisely the right temperature, I found my Shangri-La. Years later, the Moccamaster is still pumping out my favorite cup of coffee every morning.”

Get the Technivorm Moccamaster on Amazon for $299

2. A hair dryer and curler that gives salon-like results

Purchasing a Dyson anything is like joining an exclusive fan club with a high membership fee. The beloved Supersonic Hair Dryer claims to prevent extreme heat damage, dry your hair ultra-fast, and be lightweight and balanced-feeling. If you really want to go big, you can snag the Dyson Airwrap Complete Styler, which features five attachments for blow-drying, volumizing, straightening, and curling.

3. A fancy candle to make your house smell like a celebrity lives there

Of all the things that might inspire a person to take to the streets, yelling, “This is the height of luxury!” (not speaking from personal experience, of course), none have the power to inspire such ardor like Diptyque candles. Celebrities like Meghan MarkleVictoria Beckham, and LeBron James burn them at home, so doing so yourself can bring a touch of ultra-luxe class to your own.

“Diptyque candles are the best and cannot be beaten,” writes one reviewer of the brand’s best-selling Baies scent. “I always have one of these to use, and they make a perfect gift. They last ages and the scent lingers in the house all day. Expensive but worth it.”

Get the Diptyque Baies Candle from Nordstrom starting at $36

4. A massager for a post-workout relief

Feeling stiff and sore after a workout? Blast the kinks away with a Theragun, a handheld deep tissue massage device with an industrial (but not too loud) motor, an adjustable arm, and six differently-shaped attachments. Fans of the Theragun love it for its efficient myofascial release and muscle-recovery capabilities—not to mention that it’s basically an excuse to get a massage after every workout.

“This is probably the best fitness investment that I’ve ever made,” writes a reviewer. “Even just unboxing it, you can feel the quality. I really enjoy deep tissue massages after a workout, and the G3Pro really has the power to get down into my muscles. If you’re looking for something that’ll improve your workout routine, or maybe relieve some muscle pain—I would recommend it 100%. It’s a premium product that’s worth your hard earned dollars.”

Get the Theragun G3Pro on Amazon for $599

5. A pair of wireless headphones to zone out with

It’s been months since Apple released the Airpods Pro, so if you still want them, it may be time to give in. We love them for the active noise-cancellation feature that shuts out ambient sounds, the quick-charging and long-lasting battery life, and the ease of syncing up the earbuds with other devices.

Get the Apple Airpods Pro on Amazon for $249

6. A nugget ice maker for the ultimate mixed drink

Do you need nugget ice? No. But do you want the ice maker that creates those Sonic-esque cubes? Um, yeah. We fell in love with the Opal Nugget Ice Maker upon first use, and we think you will, too. The machine freezes water into cubes made of compressed flakes rather than in a solid block like your typical tray-made ice. Plus, it’s better for your teeth to crunch on because it breaks down easier.

Get the Opal Countertop Nugget Ice Maker on Amazon for $495.24

7. A colorful dutch oven for a rustic-yet-glamorous kitchen

If you’re looking for an item to give your kitchen an instant status boost, a Le Creuset dutch oven is a worthy purchase. This classic cast iron vessel makes a “perfect meal every time,” according to our dutch oven tester—and, with its range of colors including Caribbean blue, palm green, and cherry red, it looks great on a kitchen counter when it’s not in use, too.

Andrew Winson, Reviewed’s data entry manager, is a big fan. He says: “To paraphrase Parks & Rec, it is literally the best, and most expensive, piece of kitchen equipment I own.”

Get the Le Creuset Cast Iron Dutch Oven on Amazon for $359.93

8. A weighted blanket that celebrities obsess over

There are two things we love: weighted blankets and celebrity-driven product hysteria. So of course we had to try the cooling weighted blanket that Kourtney Kardashian endorsed on Instagram. Our tester says it’s a perfect solution if you want the benefits of a heavier blanket—like its calming effects—but tend to run hot at night, because the BlanQuil has “cooling technology” that prevents you from overheating.

Get the BlanQuil Quilted Weighted Blanket on Amazon for $169

9. A face roller to enhance your skin

If you’ve heard of jade rollers, you know that they supposedly boast many skin benefits, including smoothing wrinkles, tightening pores, and boosting collagen to improve the skin’s elasticity. This popular roller from Nurse Jamie makes similar claims, but uses a hexagon shape and 24 “massaging stones” to create a “unique rhythmic rolling action.” It’s a favorite of celebrities, like Khloe Kardashian (of course), and it may be your new must-have skincare tool, too.

Get the Nurse Jamie Uplift Massaging Beauty Roller at Sephora for $69

10. A vacation house for a chance to truly unplug

If you’ve ever thought about tossing away all the trappings of the modern world to escape to a remote cabin in the woods, we’ve got an idea for you: Take a trip to a Getaway house. This is a teensy-tiny cabin located in a rural, woodsy area not too far away from many major cities that does not have WiFi, but does have beds, showers, toilets, and a kitchenette—everything you need for a true glamping experience. (It also has a lockbox for your cell phone, if you want to fully get off the grid.) After a day or two of rest, relaxation, and digital detox, you’ll be recharged enough to return to real life.

Book a Getaway House here

11. A travel mug that keeps your drinks at the perfect temperature

Sure, you may already have a travel mug. But do you have a travel mug that keeps your beverage at the exact temperature of your choosing? Probably not. That’s why we recommend the Ember Travel Mug 2, which allows you to set a temp for your drink and keep it there for up to three hours. It’s easy and intuitive to use, and comes with recommended preset options for each drink if you aren’t sure what the perfect temperature for your coffee is—which, for the record, is 136 degrees, according to Ember.

Get the Ember Travel Mug 2 on Amazon for $179.95

12. A bath tray that holds your book and glass of wine

Want to celebrate your extra day with an extra-long bubble bath? We’ve got just the thing for you to make the most out of it. This bath tray from Royal Craft Wood is expandable to fit any tub and features designated spots for a book, your phone, a wine glass, and any soaps or towels you want on-hand.

Get the Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bathtub Tray on Amazon for $46.97

13. A blender that does it all

We’re not saying you should go on a Gwyneth Paltrow-level juice cleanse to celebrate the extra day of the year, but we are saying that the Vitamix would be the tool you need if you wanted to do that—or to mix up decadent fruit smoothies, frappuccinos, or milkshakes. After testing pro-style blenders, the Vitamix 5300 won our Best Value spot because it blends quickly and thoroughly, and it’s short enough to fit underneath cabinets.

Get the Vitamix 5300 on Amazon for $349.99

14. Indulgent sheets to upgrade your naps

Any kind of slumber can be a treat. But it’s an extra special treat when you sleep in on our favorite bed sheets, the Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheets. Every kind of laid-back luxury you crave is present in this set, from its 100 percent cotton, 480-thread count composition to its wrinkle-defying sateen weave. Our tester liked them so much that the one of the only cons she noted is how sad she was when she had to take them off her bed.

Get the Luxe Core Sheet Set from Brooklinen starting at $129

15. A beer fridge for stocking up on your favorites

Dedicating space in your full-sized fridge to all of your favorite brews and sodas may not be ideal, especially if you find yourself often hosting friends and needing more space. Up your entertainment game with our favorite beer fridge, the Wine Enthusiast Evolution Series Beverage Center, which holds about 86 cans of beer and features adjustable shelving and a glass door so you can see when it’s time to restock.

Get the Wine Enthusiast Evolution Series Beverage Center at Home Depot for $209.99

16. A pair of classic pumps

We realize that not everyone has use for a pair of luxury heels, but practical is not the point here. This pair from Manolo Blahnik is a favorite of Reviewed’s parenting editor, Anna Lane.

“I’m embarrassed to admit this, but the most ‘extra’ thing I own is a pair of classic black Manolo Blahnik pumps,” Lane says. “Carrie Bradshaw may have made them famous, but there’s a reason the brand has endured: The shoes are beautifully made and insanely comfortable. Seriously, I’ve put lots of mileage on these things.”

Get the Manolo Blahnik BB Pointy Toe Pump at Nordstrom starting at $625

17. A mask that cares for your booty

Face masks? Those are yesterday’s news. We’re all about the butt masks these days. Bawdy Butt Masks each have different ingredients and make specific claims, like to hydrate or detoxify the skin. Our tester tried the cheekily-named “Slap It” and said it left her skin feeling smoother and looking glowier. Name a better way to spend your extra day!

Get the Bawdy Butt Mask on Amazon for $9.95

18. A deluxe home workout masquerading as wall decor

Sick of exercising in front of your laptop, but not inspired to re-up your gym membership? Give your home workout experience a boost with The Mirror. This device looks like a regular wall-mounted mirror, but it plays workout videos, streams live classes, and connects with a heart rate monitor (which is included) to track your performance—all in the comfort of your own home. All you have to do to reap its fitness benefits is get out of bed, slide on some workout clothes, and get moving.

Get the Mirror for $1,495 and $39 per month for a subscription

19. A robot vacuum for effortlessly clean carpets

Why spend your extra day vacuuming the house when you can get someone else to do it? Or, if not someone else, then something else: the iRobot Roomba i7, our favorite robot vacuum cleaner. This is the first robot vacuum with the capability to empty itself on its own—the contents go into a receptacle in the home charging base, to which the Roomba automatically returns. The i7 is also smart home-compatible and has efficient suction to keep your carpet and hardwood floors clean on Leap Day and many days after.

Get the iRobot Roomba i7 on Amazon for $799

20. A kettle that helps you pour tea like a Kardashian

Dedicated home tea and coffee brewers love the Fellow Stagg pour-over kettle, which allows you to select the exact temperature you want for your beverage by twisting a dial and provides a smooth, even flow with every pour. The kettle is worth it for the aesthetics alone, according to Meghan Kavanaugh, Reviewed’s managing editor of core content, who bought it in matte white after seeing it (yup) on Kourtney Kardashian’s Instagram.

“I was already frustrated by how long my electric cooktop took to heat a kettle the old-fashioned way, and this was too beautiful to resist,” she says. “I look forward to using it every single morning. And while the pour-over spout isn’t entirely necessary since I don’t drink coffee, the slow-pouring functionality helps make my morning tea feel more like a ritual. Did I need a $150 kettle to make tea? Absolutely not. But it’s so pretty!”

Get the Fellow Stagg Electric Pour-Over Kettle on Amazon for $150

21. A brush that leaves you with lustrous locks

If your hair is your pride and joy, you’ll want to invest in it. While it’s pricey for a hair brush, the cult-favorite Mason Pearson brush claims to distribute the hair’s natural oils and stimulate the scalp using boar bristles. It works for any hair type, but it can be a game-changer for people with oily roots and dry ends.

Get the Mason Pearson Handy Mixture Nylon & Boar Bristle Hair Brush at Nordstrom for $175

22. An essential oil diffuser that looks like fine art

This delicate-looking essential oil diffuser packs a bigger aromatic punch than it seems at first glance. Of all the oil diffusers we’ve tested, we found that this one was among the quickest to fill a room with scent, because unlike other diffusers, it doesn’t require water to emit steam (which also means it doesn’t get moldy). It also has a light display, but we thought it looked best as a home accent, whether it was actively diffusing or not, on its own.

Get the Rain Drop 2.0 Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser on Amazon for $99

23. An air fryer for a quick, tasty, healthier meal

If there’s any kitchen gadget to lust after, it’s an air fryer. The tabletop appliance promises crispy foods without the unhealthy, greasy frying process. Our favorite is the Philips Airfryer XXL, which fits a ton (think: three pounds of frozen fries), doesn’t require preheating, and, of course, consistently cooks food to faux-fried perfection.

Get the Philips Airfryer XXL on Amazon for $278

24. A silk pillowcase to take care of your locks

If you ever wake up with frizzy hair or wrinkles in your skin from your pillowcase, there’s an easy fix. The Slip Silk Pillowcase is made of mulberry silk (which is hypoallergenic and odorless) to prevent the scratching and tugging that a cotton pillowcase may introduce to the hair and skin. Slip also claims that the silk pillowcases protect and hydrate the skin, reduce split ends, and keep your blowout lasting longer.

Get the Slip Silk Pillowcase at Sephora for $85

25. A record player to give your music the sound it deserves

On any given day, you can listen to any kind of music from The Beatles to Beyonce to Billie Eilish on your smartphone, through your earbuds, via your streaming platform of choice. But if you’re feeling a little, well, extra, you may want to give your favorite artists—be they a 1960s British boy band, multi-hyphenate diva, or teen pop sensation—a little extra love in the form of vinyl.

Play those records on our favorite turntable, the Fluance RT82. It has a sleek, vintage-inspired look and provides a rich, multifaceted sound befitting of your favorite musicians.

Get the Fluance RT82 Record Player on Amazon for $299

26. A fridge dedicated to your skincare

If you are a skincare enthusiast, you may have heard about the skincare fridge trend, which is exactly what it sounds like: People are buying miniature fridges for storing their moisturizers, eye creams, serums, jade rollers, and other products to keep them cold to the touch. Your products will feel amazing on your skin and this tiny refrigerator is small enough to be an accessory to your vanity.

Get the Cooluli Mini Fridge on Amazon for $49.99

27. A portable projector to set up the home theater of your dreams

If you want to watch a movie at home, you can play it on your TV (or, if you’re like some of us, hunched over your laptop). But if you’re looking to upgrade the experience, you can invest in a portable projector, like our favorite, the Anker Nebula Mars II. It has an easy setup, intuitive design, a projection range of 30 to 150 inches, and connects with Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime to play the motion pictures of your choice with movie theater-like quality on any blank wall or screen.

“To say that I’m happy with my purchase would be a massive understatement,” writes a reviewer. “This projector is super-easy to set up, taking a few minutes. The controls are very intuitive and responsive. I’ve watched several shows and it is still showing a full charge, so the battery life seems to be very good.”

Get the Anker Nebula Mars II on Amazon for $499

28. A connected bike to get your spin on at home

All (deserved) jokes and memes aside, a Peloton is a great home workout device. (And, for the right person, it can actually be a thoughtful gift, too.) The WiFi-connected stationary bike has a tablet screen that connects to live and on-demand cycling classes so you can get the boutique cycle class experience at home—Samantha Matt, Reviewed’s director of audience development, thinks it’s better than SoulCycle classes.

Get a Peloton Cycling Package from Peloton starting at $2,245 or $58/mo for 39 months at 0% APR

29. A luxurious cream to moisturize your skin

There are over 72,000 “loves” on La Mer’s Crème de la Mer Moisturizer on the Sephora site. That means that there are thousands of you out there wanting this cream, which claims to soothe and hydrate dry skin. If you have yet to give in and buy it, take this as a sign!

Get the La Mer Crème de la Mer Moisturizer at Sephora for $180

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