49ers vs. Chiefs game shows where 5G wireless stands

49ers vs. Chiefs game shows where 5G wireless stands


YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, Wyo. – One of the interesting things about 5G is that its potential impact reaches far beyond faster mobile downloads. 

Thanks to the speed of certain 5G connections, it’s being used to enable a number of different applications, including new types of experiences in public venues as well as a point-to-point wireless connection mechanism between critical pieces of equipment.

For this weekend’s big game in Miami, for example, major U.S. carriers including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint are promising the world’s first 5G Super Bowl.

While that sounds exciting, the truth is it boils down to each of them deploying a number of 5G connection points (including both upgrades to existing cell towers as well as special event-specific network access equipment) to provide access to their latest network technology at a major public event.

A smartphone with "5G" over it

Of course, because the total number of 5G-capable phones that have been sold to date in the U.S. is still relatively modest (and therefore, the total number of 5G-capable phones at or even near the game will be small), the focus on 5G-specific network capabilities is somewhat limited for this year’s big game. Plus, it’s not clear that the fastest 5G connection speeds will even be available to everyone in Hard Rock Stadium because of the limited range of the millimeter wave (mmWave) flavor of 5G. (As a quick reminder, mmWave 5G offers speeds up to 50x faster than 4G LTE but also has a very small range per cell site. See “5G service is here, but do I really need to get a 5G phone now” for more details.)


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