5 food safety tips for your Super Bowl Sunday party

Chicken wings are MVP of game day


Hosting a Super Bowl party this year? Don’t drop the ball when it comes to food safety.

According to the National Chicken Council, a record-breaking 14.1 billion wings are expected to be consumed this Super Bowl Sunday – and that doesn’t even include  all the pizza, nachos, dip or sliders folks will chow down.

With large crowds, lots of food and a long game time ahead, food experts say if you’re not careful, it could be the recipe for foodborne illnesses.

The United States Department of Agriculture shared some guidelines to keep you and your guests safe this Super Bowl Sunday. 

Chicken wings:MVP of Super Bowl LIV food fest and record 1.4 billion will be devoured

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Tailgate party spread with hot wings, pig in a blanket, nachos, pretzels, and popcorn with football and a football jersey.

Don’t fumble  

Always be sure to wash your hands. A USDA study revealed participants failed 99% of the time when washing their hands by not following handwashing steps correctly. Be sure you’re wetting your hands with running water and lathering them in soap for at least 20 seconds. Then proceed to rinse and dry with a clean towel. 

Pick a side

Keep raw meat and other ready-to-eat foods separated during preparation and cooking. That means also remembering to use a separate cutting board and clean knife for foods like vegetables, fruits or raw meats. If not, you run the risk of cross-contamination.


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