5 ways tech can make you smarter and keep you sane during pandemic.

Austin company Everlywell to offer at-home testing kit


I can’t stop thinking that I am in the middle of a thriller about a sinister virus that causes a global pandemic. But this is no made-for-Hollywood screenplay. It’s a real catastrophe.

Many people are dealing with frustrating tech challenges while trying to find a new normal. You can Google anything; it’s just that you never know if the search results are legit. That’s why I am giving anyone who needs tech help a free 90-day trial to my Komando Community.

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Tech will do wonders to bring back some semblance of your previous life. Let me show you how you can use certain apps, sites and tools.

Reach out and see someone

To flatten the curve, we’re all staying home. This drastic change is tough, especially for close-knit families and people accustomed to working as a team. Remember, a text is nice but seeing someone’s face takes communication to a different level.

If you have an Apple device, there’s FaceTime. It’s straightforward to use. Simply select your contact’s phone number or Apple ID and then Video. You can connect to up to 32 people at once. The bummer is that it only works with other Apple devices.


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