7 common filing mistakes to avoid this year

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It’s tempting to put off filing your taxes until just before the April 15 deadline, but making a sloppy mistake may wind up costing you down the road. 

You could miss out on a larger refund, owe more in taxes or even face an audit from the IRS. 

“Taxes are complex and everybody makes mistakes,” says Dina Pyron, financial services partner and global TaxChat leader at Ernst & Young. “The basics can be easily overlooked, and that, unfortunately, results in delays in processing your return.” 

Some of the most common errors that filers make during tax season include having the wrong address, incorrect bank account numbers and not reporting your updated income, experts say. 

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If you’re expecting a refund but your basic personal information doesn’t match, it could take a minimum of four to six weeks for the IRS to notify you via mail that you need to respond and correct your mistake. Then it could still take a few months or even up to a year to process your return depending on the severity of your mistake, Pyron cautions.

“These types of common errors can have significant delays in getting back any type of payment that you might be receiving on your taxes,” Pyron says. 

Here are seven common errors that taxpayers should avoid:

Americans from all corners of the country will be completing and submitting their tax forms to the Internal Revenue Service in the coming weeks.

1. Name change or wrong address

Did you change your name or move to a new address? If you legally changed your name with the Social Security Administration, make sure it is reflected in your federal and state tax returns. A mismatch may delay the processing of your returns. Any correspondence and even your tax refund may get mailed to the wrong address.


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