7 things you need to know ahead of time

7 things to know before buying a new appliance


7 things to know before buying a new appliance

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Now that the holidays are over, you may be mulling over some big-ticket upgrades to your house. Perhaps in the rush of holiday guests, you noticed that your dishwasher just wasn’t up to the task anymore. Or maybe after trying to store those heaps of leftovers (for the third time), you decide to get a refrigerator that finally fits all the food your family needs. New appliances may be in order.

If you’re planning a more substantial remodel, it’s also good to know that spring is the busiest time for contractors. That means smart consumers should be starting product research now, or you may find yourself rushing into bad decisions so your kitchen can fit in someone else’s timeline.

Picking out a new appliance can be intimidating. The big price tags, delivery trucks, and installation are all daunting. And, if you’re the average household, it may have been 10 years or more since the last time you had to think about appliances. There have been major technology and efficiency breakthroughs since then—not to mention all the new cosmetic trends—so you may have a world of new options to consider when making your choices.


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