Amazon pursuing a cure for the common cold, according to report

Amazon pursuing a cure for the common cold, according to report


Maybe soon you’ll be able to get free shipping, free streaming movies and a cure for the common cold from Amazon.

Yes, you read that right. Amazon is reportedly working on a cure for the common cold.

The tech giant is secretly working on a cure for the condition that causes a runny or stuffy nose, sore throat, cough, sneezing, low-grade fevers and other symptoms, according to CNBC.

Amazon representatives did not immediately respond to a request seeking comment Friday.

CNBC reported that Amazon has assigned more than 100 people in its Grand Challenge division to pursue the cure.

The mission is to develop a vaccine or some other form of treatment, according to the report.

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Man coughing in bed with cough medicine, a thermometer, and a glass of water on his end table.

But it might be too early to get your hopes up. The cold, which is usually caused by theĀ rhinovirus, comes in many different forms. And that has made it notoriously hard to cure.

And even if the company comes up with a cure, who will pay for it?

The drug would need to have “almost zero side effects” and there would still be “a major question of whether insurance would pay for it,” venture capitalist and veteran diagnostics executive Mike Pellini told CNBC.


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