Apple, Google, Samsung may see mobile pay boost from coronavirus

Sign at Cameron


At the Cameron’s Deli takeout restaurant in New York’s Westchester County, owner Albert D’Alisa just hung up new signs urging patrons to pay with contactless methods, like mobile pay.   

“We’re encouraging everybody to pay electronically,” he says. Because in a coronavirus era, nobody wants to touch cash anymore. The less contact, the better. Cash is filthy.”

For years, experts have been telling us this.

We touch a dollar with our germs, pass it on to someone else who passes it another, and that was before there was a coronavirus. A study by Mastercard and the University of Oxford once found that the average banknote was home to 26,000 types of bacteria.  

Sign at Cameron's Deli in NY urging customers to pay with mobile

This is why D’Alisa wants his takeout customers to pull out their phones to pay, with either Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay. He notes that many current credit cards also have a tap-to-pay feature that ditches swiping the card or having the reader read the chip. Instead, you just tap over the payment terminal. 

The mobile pay solutions all work similarly. Through an app on your smartphone, you associate your existing payment card with the mobile payment solution. And then when you visit a retail store, place the phone near the terminal and validate the purchase with touch or face ID. 


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