Apple launches COVID-19 pre-screening app and website

Apple launches app and website for COVID-19


Apple launched a new app and website to inform the public about COVID-19.

It includes a screening tool to help people figure out if they’ve caught the coronavirus, and the information is based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Apple says.

The App was created in partnership with the CDC, the White House Coronavirus Task Force and FEMA “to make it easy for people across the country to get trusted information and guidance at a time when the U.S. is feeling the heavy burden of COVID-19,” according to Apple.

Both the app and website ask users to answer questions to help people figure out if they need to be tested.

Apple launches app and website for COVID-19

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For instance, it asks if you have chest pain, difficulty breathing, dizziness, slurred speed or difficulty waking up. If you say yes to any of these, Apple directs you to call 911. It also provides information about the disease, with suggestions about what you can do and how to get tested.

However, Apple doesn’t offer much guidance there, beyond directing people to call their doctor.


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