Arby’s trolls McDonald’s over Filet-O-Fish

Arby's trolls McDonald's over Filet-O-Fish


Arby’s has the meats, but it’s diving deeper into the surf.

After last year’s Chicken Sandwich War and before Lent, Arby’s fired the first salvo in a high-stakes battle over who has the best fish sandwich.

Welcome to the Fish Sandwich War of 2020.

The chain famous for its roast beef sandwiches is trolling McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish with a new campaign tied to its limited-time Crispy Fish Sandwich and the new Fish n’ Cheddar Sandwich, Arby’s officials shared exclusively with USA TODAY.

“Fish is meat, too; it’s just ocean meat,” said Deborah von Kutzleben, Arby’s vice president of advertising, content and core menu. “We felt that it was time to take a different approach, to really have people question Filet-O-Fish – and whether or not it is the best – and take a moment to try ours.”

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If you are McDonald’s, those are fighting words.

The Arby’s campaign doesn’t stop there. Arby’s pokes fun at the size and square shape of McDonald’s fish sandwich in a series of commercials that will run on TV and social media starting Sunday. In one brief ad for YouTube, shared with USA TODAY in advance, Arby’s urges, “Stop eating Filet-O-Fishes. Eat Arby’s Crispy Fishes.”


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