Cadillac CT5-V arrives as one of 2020’s most pleasant surprises

Cadillac CT5-V arrives as one of 2020’s most pleasant surprises


It’d be easy to overlook the 2020 Cadillac CT5-V. Easy, but a mistake. The new sport sedan is one of 2020’s most pleasant surprises, graced with comfort, handling, advanced features and attractive prices.

Through no fault of the car’s, the new sport sedan’s introduction has lurched from one disaster to another: The 40-day strike against General Motors delayed production and the start of sales late last year. Then the COVID-19 pandemic brought first sales, then production to a halt.

In between, the CT5 was overshadowed by the rollout of GM’s electric vehicle strategy, which includes no less than three exciting new Cadillacs.

A person could be forgiven for forgetting about the CT5, but it deserves a look and a test drive by anybody who’s in the market for a good sport sedan.

The CT5 replaces the CTS in Cadillac’s lineup. It rolls out of the same plant in Lansing, using the second generation of the same platform. 

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